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If you have a rat problem you have come to the right place. Rats can be problematic for both domestic and commercial property owners. Our rat control team have extensive experience in controlling all rat situations by using various methods which have proven effective in previous control procedures. With over 10 years in the pest industry we can assure you are getting the right team on the job.

What Are Rats?

Rats are medium sized, long tailed rodents. They are members of the “Rattus” genus. Many other members of the rodent family and genera are also commonly referred to as rats, since they share numerous characteristics with the true rats. Currently, there are more than 60 rat species in Australia. Most of them occupy various different habitats all over Australia. The 2 most common types living in the suburban Australia, are the brown and black species. A rat infestation are responsible for transmission of a number of diseases. Their feeding habits are highly destructive and the nesting behaviours can easily compromise your building’s structure, thus you need to eliminate the infestation.

End of lease pest treatment
End of lease pest treatment

Pest control refers to the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest,and can be perceived to be detrimental to business.

Commercial Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control

Our commercial pest control division provides business owners a quality pest management plans and prevention strategies.

Effective Rat Control

Rat control can be difficult but it can be achieved by employing the use of traps, poison, electronic devices, among other such prevention strategies. You can also use a combination of the aforementioned control methods to deal with the infestation. The traps need to be properly placed along the walls and the pipes which lead to the rat holes, gnawing marks, near droppings or such other signs of damage. In addition to setting the rat traps, you can employ a number of tactics which include; removing food sources and debris, (which is also effective when removing cockroaches) to rat proofing your home.

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