General Pest Control

Our experienced Pest Control Technicians are all Licensed and Qualified and use the latest equipment, chemicals, techniques and safe treatment methods to ensure a successful treatment, every time. We use liquid sprays (repellent and non-repellent), baiting gels, insecticidal dusts and non-toxic traps to ensure that your pest control problem is dealt with effectively.

We understand your concerns when it comes to pest control, that’s why we work with you to ensure an effective treatment that you are comfortable with every step of the way.

Our General Pest Control Covers:

– Cockroaches
– Ants
– Spiders
– Silverfish

Our General Pest Control Treatment is applied to the following:

– Internal floors and floor corners
– Harbourage areas
– External walls, wall corners and floor corners
– Perimeter of the house
– Around doors and windows
– Under gutters and eaves
– Weep holes
– Apply a baiting gel to kitchen and bathroom cupboards
– Roof Void
– Subfloor


Cockroaches can fly in your open doors, or crawl through cracks to breed inside dark musty cupboards. SouthSide Pest Management can eliminate your cockroaches, and any others that try to cross the barrier created by our specialised pest control treatment in the future.



Ants are an annoying pest problem. They will usually show up before and after a big rain, and could be nesting in the wall cavities and ceiling void; using your home as a source of shelter, food and water.



Spiders nests are generally found in ceiling and wall cavities and a Pest Control Treatment will eliminate these creepy crawlies. It is advised to complete a general pest control around the same time each year to keep these nasties to a minimum. We provide pest control services to all types of properties and homes in Sydney and NSW. Don’t trust just anyone to be able to control your pest problem successfully. SouthSide Pest Management will guarantee successful elimination of whatever is trying to eat you out of house and home!
Are you having trouble with some unwanted and annoying bugs? If you have a question about our General Pest Control Treatment or would like to book one in, call one of our friendly staff…